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Yes, it’s possible to be a successful multi-niche writer. Many writers are doing it, and you can, too. Stop buying into the “you must pick a niche to be successful” nonsense. We are creative entrepreneurs, and variety is the name of the game in creativity—especially for people with multiple interests. If you just can’t decide on a niche, you’ve come to the right place.


We are MultiTalented Writers.

MultiTalented Writers is a community of writers who refuse to chain themselves down to one topic for the rest of their lives.

We reject the idea of niching, choosing instead to write about multiple subjects and in various formats.


This blog is here to help multi-niche writers build successful and sustainable writing businesses while honouring their multitalented personalities. We recognize that writers are creative people who need variety to stay fresh and to continue being passionate about their craft.

On this blog, you can learn how to get your business off the ground and continue growing as a writer and as a person. 

MultiTalented Writers; Photo by Parker Byrd on Unsplash

The History of the MultiTalented Writers Website

If you’re trying to start a writing business, you will run across the same advice from all kinds of people: “the first thing you need to do is pick a niche.” This advice, while well-intentioned, is actually harmful to those of us who are interested in multiple subjects. It’s harmful advice to those of us who enjoy writing about a variety of topics. And it’s the epitome of a culture that has become obsessed with specialization.

There is certainly a time and a place for focusing on one topic. However, as creative people, variety is the key to our long-term success and continued interest in our field.

There are some wonderful people advocating for the eradication of the “specialization-only” phenomenon. People like the late Barbara Sher and Emilie Wapnick cater to legions of people who feel like “outsiders” because they cannot pick just “one thing” to do for the rest of their lives. Margaret Lobenstine encouraged “renaissance souls” to follow all their passions, and doing so was her passion for several years of her life, until her passing in 2015.

Whereas these women are doing or have done wonderful things for people with multiple interests, there is very little in the way of this kind of supportive community that is specific to writers. This is why MultiTalented Writers was created.

If you are a writer who has multiple interests, there is no reason why you shouldn’t write about all of them. If you feel like you have too many interests, you are not alone. And you should always remember this:


You do not have “too many interests.” You are an extra interesting person.


This is the blog you’ve been looking for—where you can learn to be yourself, share your many interests, and be welcomed and celebrated for who you are, multiple niches and all. As a matter of fact, you’re welcome here especially because of your multiple niches and many interests. We’re all in this together, helping each other succeed, not despite our many interests, but because of them.


 The Founding of multitalentedwriters.com


MultiTalented Writers was founded by Mariana Abeid-McDougall, who became fed up with the dime-a-dozen advice for writers to niche or else.

The reality is, you can—and should—write about all of your interests. She created this site to encourage multi-niche writers to follow their many passions.

Mariana Abeid-McDougall is a multi-niche blogger, writer, and editor. Although she started the site, she created this space for all MultiTalented Writers. This is our community, our hang out space.

She couldn’t have brought this site to fruition without the generous support of the contributing writers, featured bloggers, and online friends who believed in this project from its very beginning. Thanks especially to all those who believed in the Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success project—without that project, this site would never have been created.

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