Self-Care for Writers

Picture of hands putting paper through a green typewriter. To the left is a cup of tea and some pink flowers. Photo by from Pexels

Self-care is on a lot of lips (and a lot of memes) these days. Open up any social media or Pinterest “inspirational” account, and you’re bound to see “self-care is not selfish” and “take care of yourself” messages. But self-care means different things to different people, and it can look different depending on your lifestyle or line of work. Here’s a list of ideas for self-care for writers.

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You’re a writer: own it!

Woman's hands typing on typewriter, Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

When someone asks you that antiquated, useless question, “so, what do you do?” How do you respond? Sometimes the answer to that question isn’t as straight-forward as people think it should be. I personally do a lot of things. I take care of three children, I currently travel full-time, I make friends everywhere I go, … Read more

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