January is long gone. How are those resolutions coming?

Desk with block letters spelling "dream" on the left, a piece of checkered paper and pencil on the lower left corner, and half of a hand shown on top of a laptop keyboard.

January is a busy month for commitment-makers. Every year, people ponder what they’ll accomplish in the year to come, and many make new year’s resolutions, hoping this will be the year they finally accomplish some long-held dream. But as January fizzles out, so do most resolutions. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around, most people … Read more

How to Set Writing Goals You’ll Actually Accomplish

how to set goals that you'll actually accomplish, MultiTalented Writers, man holding hands up in the air, Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

We all have dreams.

Some dreams are bigger than others. Sometimes my dream is to just have a few minutes to myself (I love my kids to bits, but right now, I’m quite enjoying my time alone to write this post). At other times, I have bigger dreams, like taking off with my family for a year to explore Canada and the U.S. (while funding it with my writing).

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