Photography Mind Map

hand holding camera to represent photography mind map; Photo by Jean-Pierre Brungs on Unsplash

Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success!

Check out this mind map for the photography niche.

You can use mind maps like these to help you diversify your niche and flip your pitches.

For MultiTalented Writers, niche diversification is one of the many ways to never get bored, while still earning a good income from your craft.

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Outdoors Mind Map

Mother and daughters outdoors, hugging. Photo by Courtney Prather on Unsplash

Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success!

Here’s an awesome mind map for the outdoors niche.

Use mind maps like these to diversify your niche, flip your pitch, and earn more for your writing.

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Massage Therapy Mind Map

picture of hands massaging someone's back. Massage therapy mind map

Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success

Do you write about massage therapy? Did you know there is a huge number of topics that you can relate back to this niche?

Check out this mind map for massage therapy! Flip your pitch, diversify your niche, and earn more for your writing.

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Finance Mind Map

Picture of a desk with a laptop, plant, files, and notes about finance. Photo by on Unsplash

Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success!

Love to write about money? You can write about so much more while still building authority in the finance niche. Check out this mind map!

Diversify your niche, flip you pitch, earn more money for your writing, and never get bored.

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