Why Freelancer Writers Shouldn’t Charge by the Word

Why Freelance Writers Shouldn't Charge by the Word Title post, cell phone with invoice in background

Last week, we discussed why freelance writers shouldn’t charge by the hour. It’s a punitive method: the more efficient you get at your job, the less you get paid. It’s a system that punishes you for getting better at your craft, rather than reward you for doing so. And it’s a silly way to set up your business. As a

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Why Freelance Writers Shouldn’t Charge by The Hour

"Why Freelance Writers Shouldn't Charge by The Hour Title Graphic; phone and file folder in background. Phone screen says "Pay Invoice"

You know how some freelance writers complain that their work isn’t valued? So they leave the content mills and start looking for their own clients, setting their own rates. And then these same freelance writers fall flat on their faces when they undervalue their own work… and they’re no better off than when they first began. If you’re charging by

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How This Freelance Writing, Homeschooling Mom Stays Organized

title graphic: how to stay organized when you wear all the hats. Organized desk in background

I’m a freelance writing, homeschooling mom of 3 kids ages 8 and under (as of March 2018). A lot of people think I’m totally nuts trying to balance a near-full time job with homeschooling three kids. Yet others think I’m some kind of superwoman or supermom. But I’m not any of those things (OK, maybe I’m a little nuts).

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