This Site Is Kind of Hypocritical… (not really)

Prior to starting this site, I had a prominent question in my head: isn’t this idea somewhat of an oxymoron? I love Barbara Sher and Emilie Wapnick‘s work, but in essence, they are promoting multipotentiality and multi-niching, while working in just one niche (from what I can tell). Barbara Sher’s work focuses solely on scanners. That’s really just one major

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Writers (and other entrepreneurs): stop doing everything yourselves

Title Photo: Feeling Overwhelmed? Quite Doing Everything Yourself! with busy desk in background. Outsourcing

Entrepreneurship is a funny thing. Most of us creative entrepreneurs start businesses because we enjoy having full control over our projects, and get a thrill from seeing something from its very beginning as an idea, through its development, to the final stages and then, the exciting final product. Unfortunately, this also means we’re not always the best masters of our

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Freelance Writing Terms You Should Know

Title photo: Freelance Writing terms you should know; computer keyboard and sunglasses in background

When you’re starting out in freelance writing, you can get easily confused by all the terms that are thrown around in online writing groups and elsewhere on the Internet. Sometimes, it can be a little intimidating to ask for clarification. Fear not; this post will tell you what those terms are. Please note that this post may contain affiliate links.

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Self-Editing for Beginners: How to Edit Your Own Writing

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. To view our full affiliate disclosure, please click here. How to Self Edit There’s no substitute for a good editor. But even when you do hire someone to edit your words , you should still try to turn in as polished a piece as you can, for various reasons. Firstly, self-editing

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