Mind Map for Content Creation: Resources for Writers

Over the course of the last year and a bit, I’ve shared several mind maps for niche diversification, which means taking a niche and thinking about related niches, so you can find more leads and earn more as a freelance writer.

I’ve also shared a handful of content creation mind maps, where I start with a topic and then come up with as many ideas as possible for blog posts. This week I take another one of my own verticals from this site and share a mind map telling you what I might write about when it comes to that topic.

This week’s mind map is for the vertical Resources for Writers. This is super useful to me and to anyone who wants to write about this topic. As I create this mind map, I can think about individual posts where I’ll review resources that I use as a writer, and which will hopefully be helpful for readers of this site. Here’s that mind map!

Resources for Writers Mind Map

Writing Resources Mind Map. The words "resources for writers" is in the middle, and several related words are connected to it by lines.

Although I currently have a Resources for Writers page on this website, I’d like to offer more useful resources for writers. I’d especially like to suggest free resources that newbie writers can enjoy as they start to build up their business. By using the mind map above, I can start thinking about posts about this topic. 

I might create a series of “5 writer websites to check out this week” (or maybe this month). In this series, I’d share great websites for writers that I find as I’m browsing online.

I might write a post about my experience with The Freelance Writers Den or the writing groups on the PuttyTribe. I might also try other communities and relate my experience, depending on my budget. 

Resources for Writers Mind Map, MultiTalented Writers. Background photo by RawPixel on Pixabay shows a hand getting read to write in a blank notebook.


I could write a post about great Facebook groups for writers or share Pinterest boards for writers. I could also explain how I use Tailwind to share my writing and explain how Tailwind Tribes work. 

I could write a roundup blog post about courses for writers, and could give a launch date for my own course. I could also write a series of blog posts with tips for writers, and end the series with a call to action for joining my course.

I could write a post about great books for writers, providing a list of books that will help with grammar or with the business of writing. I could also write individual posts doing a review of each book I read on the subject. I could even do a series of “books I’ve read” and share one book per month—this would also encourage me to read more.

I could write a post about great places to find writing prompts, and I could end the post with a call to action to get a personalized mind map for blog post ideas.

I could write a post about software for writers and review any that I’ve tried. I could also offer advice on places to get free Scrivener courses, since it’s a very popular software, but there’s a very large learning curve to it.

These are just some ideas on how I can fill up my “resources for writers” vertical to help my readers. Hopefully by looking at this mind map and how I might use it, you too can get some ideas of how to populate a blog in any subject.

Want to learn more about how mind mapping can help your writing business? Be sure to check out my book, Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success on Smashwords.

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