Publishing Mind Map

Whether you simply enjoy writing about publishing or are considering starting a small publishing company, there are many things to learn and consider.

The publishing industry has changed and evolved very quickly, and the landscape looks very different than it did even ten years ago. If you’d like to write about publishing, there are enough topics to last for a long, long time on a blog. Here’s a mind map I created for content creation in the publishing category.


Publishing mind map showing many connected words, topics, and blog post ideas.

Here are some of the ways you could use this mind map (feel free to steal any or all of these ideas!)

If you’d like to write about publishing, you could write about the differences between self-, traditional, and hybrid publishing—about the pros and cons of each. You could write about what publishing actually is. Many people have a very narrow definition, but it’s actually quite broad.

You could write about magazine publishing versus book publishing, about the history of publishing, and you could even write a fun post about how publishing might be like gambling, but when you play your cards right, you can ensure results.


Publishing Mind Map, MultiTalented Writers


If you understand vanity publishing well, you could write about how although not a great option for most writers, vanity isn’t always a scam. But there certainly are scammy vanity presses, and you could write about the companies that got caught.

If you want to talk more about traditional publishing, you could write a post about how to get a great literary agent—or a post about why you don’t need an agent to traditionally publish. 

You could come up with even more ideas as you look at this mind map and think about publishing.

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