Paid Writing Opportunity: Motorcycle Enthusiasts

If you’re a motorcycle aficionado and a writer, why not get paid to write about your passion?

Rider is a magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts. Their audience consists of experienced and affluent motorcycle riders, so be sure to write accordingly. This is important: they want queries (not full manuscripts) by snail mail, but they will respond by email. Allow 4-8 weeks for a response, and if you do get an acceptance, make sure to review the very helpful, very detailed writer’s guidelines. Ideally, you should read these guidelines even before you query. And if they accept your pitch, you’ll need to send your article by snail mail (you know, the old-fashioned way, in an envelope, into a mailbox).


Get Paid to write about motorcycles, MultiTalented Writers. Picture of Motorcycle in background, picture by Arthur Edelman on Unsplash

Note: Rates of pay are in US Dollars unless otherwise indicated.

Rider pays $200 for “Favorite rides.” These are 700-900-word travel stories written specifically with motorcyclists in mind. You must include photos, photo caption sheet, and a route map “of some kind.”

They pay $250-$750 for full length tours/travel features. You’ll need “spectacular color photography” to go along with your article. These stories shouldn’t exceed 1,800 words, and you must include a photo caption sheet and a route map “of some sort.”

Rider also accepts almost anything else related to motorcycling, but again, query first. This means you need to pitch an idea before writing the piece. This is best, because it saves you time. They sometimes look for interesting motorcycle events, antique motorcycles, motorcycle clubs, and more.

The writer’s guidelines offer great tips on how to write a great travel article, so be sure to read them in detail. And in true MultiTalented Writer fashion, I’d like to point out that this magazine is also a great place for travel writers who know (or can research) a thing or two about motorcycle riding.


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