Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success Guide

Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success

Freelance Writing Success


With Mind Maps to Flip Your Pitches, Write in Any and All Niches you Desire, and Reach Freelance Writing Success


If you’ve signed up for our free newsleter, congrats! You’re now part of a great group of writers who believe that writing in multiple niches is not only possible, but a great way to reach freelance writing success.

Whereas our website caters to any and all writers who choose multiple niches, these mind maps are dedicated to those most interested in freelance writing. These mind maps will help you to think outside of the box to flip your pitches in order to reach more leads. Before you look at the individual mind maps below, make sure to read the guide—it’ll explain in detail the why and the how of using mind maps for your business. Get your FREE copy when you sign up for our free newsletter.

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The Mind Maps

Without further ado, here are the mind maps! Each of the links below will take you to a mind map on the Wisemapping platform. Ensure to read the guide to find out how to use these mind maps to your best advantage!

Note: Each mind map generally has 4 colours: black, green, and blue. Black text indicates related topics. Text on a green background indicates types of businesses that could use writing about the topics identified. And finally, text on a blue background indicates specific companies or publications that may be interested in writing about those topics.

Since this is a site about writing, we’ll start with the writing mind map:

Writing Mind Map

And from here on, the mind maps are listed in alphabetical order.

Automotive/Cars Mind Map

Camping Mind Map

Crafts Mind Map

Drug Use and Abuse Mind Map

Education Mind Map

Fitness Mind Map

Health Care/Medicine Mind Map

Internal Business Communication

Journalling Mind Map

Law Mind Map

Mental Health

Motorcycles Mind Map

Photography Mind Map

Relationships Mind Map

Travel Writing Mind Map


Mind Maps for Content Creation

Most mind maps on the list above are for thinking about what kinds of companies or clients you might pitch. It may also give you a bit of an idea of what to write about, but it’s not as extensive as if you created a mind map solely for content creation. Click here to see an example of a mind map for content creation for the topic of body image.


More mind maps will be added to this page as I create them.