Mind Map Monday: Relationships

Relationships writing is an easy niche to expand, because it’s already so broad.

There are so many different kinds of relationships: romantic relationships between members of the opposite sex, LGBTQ+ relationships, the relationship between parents and their children, the relationship between a person and their coworkers, the relationship between adult children and aging parents, and the list goes on and on. Here’s a mind map that illustrates this idea. I’ve shared this mind map before, but let’s dive in to it a bit more.


Relationships mind map shows the word "relationships" inside a cloud, with several words connected to it.


If you enjoy writing about relationships, the obvious choice is targeting women’s and men’s magazines or other popular outlets that covers this niche.

Here’s the problem with that: magazines are tired of pitches about “how to win his heart” or “how to know when he’s the one,” or generic relationship articles that have been written to death.

Here’s one novel way to think about writing within the niche of relationships: pitch a teen-oriented magazine about how to cope when a divorced parent starts dating again. With an article like this, you’re writing about relationships while building authority in three different niches: relationships, teenagehood, and parenting.

Relationships Mind Map for Freelance Writers, MultiTalented Writers.


Here are some other, not so obvious choices when it comes to diversifying he relationships niche. What about writing for a movie blog about romantic movie remakes that were better than the original?

You could write web copy for a family counselor, write for a teen magazine about making new friends when you change schools, write for a military magazine about coping when a spouse is posted and you have a newborn, and the list goes on. Have a look at the mind map and come up with some of your own ideas for how to diversify the relationships niche.

Want  even more ideas on how to use mind maps to diversify niches?

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