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Are you a photography lover in addition to being a writer? If so, this mind map will help you put your two passions together and earn money for your writing. I’ve shared the photography mind map before. In this post, I wanted to clarify how I might use this mind map in practice, and what it means for photography writers.

Photography Mind Map on a dry-erase board, by Mariana Abeid-McDougall. Mind maps for freelance writing success


Here are some ideas on how to use this mind map.

Boudoir photography has become very popular in the last few years. You could write for lingerie manufacturers and retailers, with a photography mind set. Look for lingerie companies that cater to boudoir photographers, or you could write directly to potential photography clients about the great lingerie that’ll look great in their shoot. Silk sheet manufacturer and retailers could be another target.


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You could write a blog post for an acting school about the importance of great headshots for actors, and include tips on how to choose a good photographer. You could write for talent agencies about the importance of great photography when trying to get signed as a model.

You could write a blog post for a wedding planner about how to pick the best photographer for a wedding, and how the wedding planner can help couples choose the best photographer in their geographical area. You could write for wedding magazines about wedding photography.

You could pitch photo editing software companies such as Photoshop, Canva, Desygner, or PicMonkey. You can write B2C blog posts on how to use their software and about photography tips in general, or you could write B2B posts about how great photography can help grow your blog and your business.

Despite the ubiquity of digital photography, some people still enjoy photographing and developing the old-fashioned way. Some companies offer classes in dark room development. You could write ad copy for their workshops.

For those who are art or nature photographers and want to sell their photos, places online such as Etsy and Ebay could be good places to sell. You could write ads for these companies (e.g. “Want to sell your photos? Our company makes it easy”).

The options are endless. What other connections do you see?

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