Mind Map Monday: Parenting

Whether you’re a MultiTalented writer or a single niche writer, mind maps can make a huge difference in your work. I use mind maps to come up with content ideas, think about publications and companies to pitch, and even for fun daydreaming, non-work related stuff.

Because mind maps have helped me greatly for the last few years, I figured I’d start sharing the joy more frequently. I’ll be sharing some of the mind maps I’ve created, and then I’ll tell you exactly how I would (or will!) use it in my work.

Since I just shared a list of places that will pay for parenting writing, I figured it’d be fitting if I did a parenting mind map. Here you go!


Parenting mind map: a tool for thinking about what companies to pitch and what topics to think about in the parenting niche.

I use three colours for my mind maps:

Black is for general topics relating to the main idea in the center.

Green is for generic types of companies or publications that would be interested in articles about these general topics.

Blue is for specific companies that would be interested in these topics.

Parenting Mind Map for freelance writing, MultiTalented Writers

When you’re thinking about parenting writing, publications about finance may not come immediately to mind. But if you think about it, a personal finance publication would indeed be interested in an article about budgeting when you have children, or teaching children about finances. A budgeting software company might need copywriting for their new “teach your child about money” product, and so forth.

Looking at this mind map (or better yet, creating your own) can give you some ideas on how to “flip your pitch” and expand and diversity your niche(s). You can’t stop at mind maps, though. After you’ve come up with some ideas, make sure you do some research into the companies and publications you wish to pitch, and write a killer pitch that will get the editor’s attention.

What mind map would you like to see next?

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Mariana Abeid-McDougall is a writer, a wife, and a homeschooling mom in an out-of-the-box, adventurous family. She's on a mission to show the world that writers don't need to niche to be successful. She hopes you'll join the conversation on the MultiTalented Writers blog.

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