Goal Setting Mind Map

Trying to plan content for your blog?

Using mind maps can help you think of blog post ideas.

Last week, I shared a mind map for Organization & Productivity . Today, I’d like to share a mind map for the Goal Setting.

Goal Setting mind map. This mind map shows words related to goal setting, to offer ideas for blog posts in the goal setting topic. Mind Map by Mariana Abeid-McDougall, using MindMup on multitalentedwriters.com

If you want to write about goal setting, there are many related topics for blog posts. Let’s start with one of my favourites: SMART goal setting.

You could write a blog post about how SMART goal setting became popular, why it’s a smart idea to use SMART goals, and give readers examples. If you want readers to sign up for your mailing list, you could offer a goal setting worksheet freebie in exchange for email addresses. You could also do a 180 and write about why SMART goals are not a good idea.

Goals like these are often times not enough: people set goals that are too big and end up giving up on their pursuits. That’s where process goals come in. You could write a post about process versus outcome goals, and why you need both to be successful. 


Goal Setting Mind Map for freelance writers on MultiTalented Writers. Use the mind map in this blog post to come up with blog post ideas about goal setting. Image description: background photo by Niels Kim on freeimages.com shows a dar in the bull's eye of a target.

To accomplish anything, writing things down often helps. You could write a post about the best goal setting planners out there, and if you have enough of an audience, you could use affiliate marketing links for planners and journals that focus on goal setting. Writing goals down is great, but some people work better when others are watching. That’s where an accountability post could be helpful.

You could write a post about how to stay accountable to reach your goals, offering ideas such as joining or starting an accountability group, a post about whether sharing goals publicly is a good idea, or you could write a post sharing your experiences with successes and failures in the pursuit of your goals.

You could write a post challenging your readers to create personal or business goals and set milestones where you can discuss their accomplishments, via the blog, an email list, or a video call.

If you spend a little time with this mind map, you could come up with even more ideas for the goal setting topic.

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