Freelance Writing Mind Map

Mind Map Monday: Freelance Writing Mind Map

A note: Thanks for reading my blog! As you may have noticed, I have zero advertisement on my pages. One of the ways I make a little bit of money to support this blog is with affiliate links.There is one affiliate link in this blog post—to the Freelance Writer’s Den. If you decide to purchase a membership, I will make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I have been a part of the Freelance Writer’s Den and can attest it’s definitely worth the investment.

Want to write about writing? That’s basically what I do on this website, and the mind map I’m sharing this week is actually quite useful for me. I wrote a similar one when I started this site, and I still refer to it off and on. I’ve shared a generic writing mind map before, but in this week’s map, I’m concentrating solely on the freelance writing side of things. 


Freelance Writing Mind Map: The words "freelance writing" are in the middle, while several related words are connected to it by lines.

Let’s delve a little deeper into topics related to freelance writing. If you’re a freelance writer and would like to start sharing your experience, you may want to start a blog about freelance writing. This mind map can help you think of topics to populate your blog with.

For example, people coming to your site may want to learn how to start freelance writing. They may be curious about odd terms they’ve heard when industry experts share advice. You could write a listicle about it, or you could devote an entire blog post to a single term, like a SASE—does anyone even use these anymore in the age of electronic communication?

You might write a blog post about how to write the perfect pitch that will get the editor’s attention and might even get the writer’s first submission accepted.

You could write a roundup blog post about freelance writing communities and which ones are worth the money—The Freelance Writer’s Den is a great one to review, not only because you can be an affiliate and earn a commission, but because it truly is a great community for writers. 


Mind Map for Content Creation: Freelance Writing, MultiTalented Writers. Use this mind map to come up with ideas for blog posts about freelance writing.


You could write about the business side of freelance writing—like how to keep track of your tax receipts, what you can claim on your taxes, why cashflow planning is important, or review software programs and apps that are helpful for freelancers. You could write about home office setups for freelance writers, or whether coworking spaces are worth the money.

You could write lists of high-paying publications in different categories, whether as a blog post or using them to create an opt-in freebie for those who sign up for your mailing list.

You could write about voice and how to change it for different publications, transitioning to full-time writing, or whether or not picking a niche is really necessary (hint: on this website, we believe it isn’t).

Looking at the mind map above, do you have any other ideas for writing about freelance writing? If so, let us know in the comments!

Want even more great mind map information? Check out my book, Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success.

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