Mind Map Monday: Massage Therapy

Mind maps are a great tool for any writer, but especially for writers who want to delve into multiple niches. With mind maps, I went from scatter-brain to hyper-organized. I use them daily in my work, and once I started using them, I never went back.

I frequently share mind maps that can help freelance writers think about different industries and publications to pitch. Today, I’m talking about massage therapy writing. I’ve shared this mind map before, but today I wanted to explain exactly how I would use it to help me find places to pitch.


Massage Therapy mind map showing the words "massage therapy in the middle, and several associated words connected to the center.


Here’s how you can use this mind map. Many people with arthritis find that massage helps them manage pain in the muscles that surround affected joints. You could pitch an arthritis advocacy group to write blog posts, one of which could be about the role of massage in pain management. This type of writing could also serve as a sponsored post for a massage therapy company (for example, you could write a sponsored post about the benefits of massage for a high-traffic, arthritis-related website).


Pinterest blog title image. Pink and white letters read: Massage Therapy Mind Map for Freelance Writers. MultiTalented Writers logo is at the bottom of the image. Background by Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash shows female hands massaging a back.


You could pitch office-related publications. Many office workers find that massage can relieve some of the problems associated with sitting for long hours. You could pitch an office workers publication such as Quill blog about self-massage or stretches at your desk, or about how registered massage therapists can help you manage stiff muscles.

You could write ad copy for a health insurance company that covers massage therapy services. You could write for an athletic therapist’s blog about the role of massage in recovery from certain athletic injuries—ensuring that you connect massage therapy with athletic therapy services. You could write product descriptions for an eCommerce website that sells self-massage tools. This could be extended to large wholesalers that sell massage therapy tables, such as Costco or Walmart (you can cold pitch them). And so on. What other connections could you make?

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