Starting a Freelance Writing Business? Narrow Your Focus (just in the beginning)

After sharing our guide on how to start freelance writing without picking a niche, this post might seem contradictory. If you’ve read our “who we are” page on this site, this post may seem even more out of place. But the key can be found in these words: “just in the beginning.”

When you’re a MultiTalented Writer, you’ll eventually write in a variety of niches. The problem is, if you don’t pick something to get started, you may never get started at all.

Multi-NIiche writers, narrow your focus (just in the beginning)


How to Start Freelance Writing: Pick a publication first


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If you can’t decide what to write about, think about publications that you enjoy. If you enjoy many, decide on the one you read the most often. Then go through that publication and re-read some articles that speak to you. What subject(s) are they about?

You’ll need to narrow your focus to find the one article that you enjoyed the most, and then look up what section that article was filed under. This is especially important in multi-subject publications.

While most large publications have some kind of focus (current news, self-development, health, etc.), that larger focus is usually further categorized. For example, a website about current news might have an international affairs and a national affairs section; a health website may have a mental health and an exercise section, and so forth.

Once you decide what section you enjoy the most, you can read a few more articles filed under that section. That will give you an idea of the voice of the publication and what kind of articles may be accepted. This will help you to come up with an idea for an article that is more likely to be published.

How to start freelance writing without picking a niche: remember it’s not forever

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Although you may need to pick a niche to get started, remember that it’s just for the beginning. And if you pick a publication first, you’re not technically picking a niche anyway.

Remember that you don’t have to tie yourself down to a single topic for the rest of your writing career. But narrowing your focus, just in the beginning, means that you’ll stop wondering “what if” and you’ll take your first steps in order to get published. You’ll then get your writing samples, and you’ll be able to continue writing—and earning money for your craft, in whatever multiple niches you choose later.

What is your favourite thing to read?

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Mariana Abeid-McDougall is a writer, a wife, and a homeschooling mom in an out-of-the-box, adventurous family. She's on a mission to show the world that writers don't need to niche to be successful. She hopes you'll join the conversation on the MultiTalented Writers blog.

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  1. Excellent suggestion! The first printed article you have published, I believe will give you that confidence knowing that your work is “sellable.” I’ve also feel setting goals at the beginning may make it fun as well. The goal to have an article printed within 30 days at the beginning. I truly appreciate, how you use the operative word “in the beginning” as we love to write about an array of topics and not be restricted to any one voice. Again, Thanks


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