Paid Writing Opportunities: Product Reviews

If you love trying out new products and sharing your opinion about them, why not get paid to write product reviews?

There are several websites that will give you free products in exchange for reviews. But if you’re trying to build a freelance writing career, you need more than product. You need to get paid cash for your words.

Beware of review sites that pay pennies for your opinion. There’s nothing wrong with joining these sites as a hobby and/or for some pocket cash. I myself am part of, because it’s fun to think out loud and get paid for it, and because for what it is, it actually pays well. But don’t confuse these pocket cash hobbies with real freelance writing—for which you can and should be paid a fair amount. There’s a difference between writing a paragraph about what you liked and disliked, and writing a long-form comparison post on the pros and cons of products and services.

There are some review-based websites that hire freelancers and pay well, though they’re few and far between. If you think outside the box a little, you can write reviews for sites that aren’t actually review sites. See three opportunities for paid review writing below.


Get paid to write product reviews (get paid money, not gift cards or points). MultiTalented Writers

Note: Rates of Pay are in US dollars unless otherwise specified

1. Get paid to write reviews: Gifts for Card Players

This website looks for “chatty” articles about casino games, and they also want board and card game reviews. Gifts for Card Players pays $50-$100 for 500-1,000 words. As always, be sure to read their writers’ guidelines closely and pitch accordingly.

2. Review Geek

As of this writing, Review Geek is looking for a freelance writer for product reviews. They want how-to guides, posts comparing two products, and other review-like posts. Keep in mind that as a freelancer, you’ll more than likely have to purchase products out-of-pocket to review, so be sure the compensation they’re offering makes sense, knowing the expenses involved. See all the details here.

3. Think outside the box to get paid for reviews: Listverse

Can you write a list of 10 reasons why something is awesome/not awesome (which is, in fact, a review), and can you make it original, witty, and really out-of-the-box? Listverse pays $100 for your 10-item lists, but you have to write them first, submit, and then wait around to see if they’ve decided to use it. If you still want to give it a try anyway, head over here for the details.

Do you know of any other review sites that pay freelance writers (more than pennies per review)? Let us know in the comments.

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