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Get paid to write about marketing, MultiTalented Writers. Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Stop procrastinating: pitch and get paid to write about marketing

Getting overwhelmed by the lists of hundreds of places that pay for writing? Keep it simple this week so you get some pitches out. If you write about marketing, here’s your challenge for this week: pitch the two outlets below, both of which would look insanely good on your portfolio. They happen to pay, too.


Get paid to write about marketing, MultiTalented Writers Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Get Paid to Write About Marketing: Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers is a popular website for copywriters and other online marketers. It has a tonne of content that teaches people how to write great copy that converts. Copy Hackers has three major verticals: copywriting, growth, and freelancing. They look for articles of 2,000 words or more relating to copywriting, marketing, and business promotion. They pay $325 for 2,000+ words. Be sure to read their very helpful and detailed writer’s guidelines, where you’ll find suggested topics and details on how to write articles for the site.

Get Paid to Write about Marketing: Revive Social Blog

Revive Social Blog is the blog for the WordPress plugin creators of Revive Old Post and Revive Network. Their blog has tonnes of advice on social media marketing, and if you want to add to their database of helpful articles, they’ll pay you $100-$200 for 1,500 words or more.

However, writer beware: The wording on the website says they’ll pay this much “if the quality is up to par.” So be sure to negotiate terms of payment before starting to write, and get payment upfront if you can (as you always should when dealing with private clients—magazines are a different story). Check out all the writer’s guidelines here.

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