Get paid to write about lifestyle (with a twist)

Lifestyle magazines that pay writers

When people hear “lifestyle writing,” some might immediately think of home decor magazines, while others might think of fashion or beauty. But there’s more to “lifestyle” than these assumptions. Here’s a post about getting paid for lifestyle writing—with a twist.

These are magazines that pay well for writing on the topics of aging, architecture innovation, geek culture and more. Check out the details below and get pitching!


Get paid to write about lifestyle (with a twist), MultiTalented Writers

Note: Rates of pay are in US dollars unless otherwise indicated. Pay rates are accurate as of this writing.

1. AARP (American Association for Retired People) Magazine

AARP, as its name might suggests, focuses on retirees and issues surrounding aging. They want queries only, except for personal essays, which should be submitted in full. Reports suggest AARP pays up to $2.00 per word. Be sure to read all of the writer’s guidelines before pitching.

2. Curbed

Curbed focuses on architecture, design, and urban planning issues as they relate to homes. They want long-form journalism, and reports indicate they pay $.17 to $.25 per word. As always, read the writer’s guidelines before pitching.

3. Modern Rogue

* 2020 Update: Modern Rogue’s Writer’s Guidelines link is currently 404’ing. I have not been able to find a reason for this or an alternative link. It’s possible that they are not longer accepting pitches. If you want to pitch this site, you could email the editor-in-chief directly to see if they’re accepting pitches. You can find his email here.

Love Geek Culture? Get paid $50 to $100 for your gaming, lifestyle, and pop culture posts—and use as many (or as few) words at it takes to tell your story. 

4. Rebels Market

Love fashion, but not the cookie-cutter type of fashion? If alternative lifestyles, including goth, punk, bohemian and steampunk are your thing, Rebels Market will pay $50 for your “fearless tone” articles of 900-1,500 words. Check out all the details here.

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