Get Paid to Write About Food & Drink

Love food? Love writing? Love getting paid? How about getting paid to write about food (and drink)?

Here are four publications that pay you (well) to write about yumminess and related topics. Yes, yumminess is a word. I just made it up.


4 publications that pay you to write about food and drink, MultiTalented Writers

Note: Rates of Pay are in US dollars unless otherwise indicated. Rates are accurate as of this writing.

1. Cooking Detective

* October 2020 Update: Cooking Detective seems to have rebranded as BestPickist, and I have not found writer’s guidelines for the new publication. There is, however, a paid writer application here

Cooking Detective is a digital publication seeking product reviews, recipes, how-tos, and other posts relating to cooking. Reports indicate they pay $.46 per word. Check out the writer’s guidelines here.

2. Eat Your World

Eat Your World looks for any writing related to local food. They also have some regular columns that you can pitch, such as Trips, Roundups, Recipes from Afar, Q&As, Origins, and Dish Spotlights. Be sure to read the contributor’s guidelines for explanations about what each of these columns entails.

Eat Your World pays $25 to $40 for original blog posts (depends on length and scope). They pay $300 to $400 for destination guides to your city, if this city is not yet covered by Eat Your World. These guides must include photography and need to be queried first.

3. Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy wants stories related to breakfast in a wide variety of formats. They look for opinion pieces, personal essays, reported stories, humor, profiles, how-tos, unusual points of view, and illustrated narratives. They don’t want restaurant reviews. Reports indicate Extra Crispy pays an average of $.46 per word. Be sure to read the contributor’s guidelines prior to pitching.

4. Kitchen Work

Kitchen work is a quarterly print journal that shares stories about how and why we eat or drink the things we do. They look for pieces on the business of food, state of restaurants, as well as articles about family and friends as these topics relate to food. They also accept recipes and drink reviews. Stories can be up to 3,000 words and you must query first. Extra Crispy pays $.10 per word and $100 for illustrations. Read the contributor’s guidelines before pitching.

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