Get Paid to Write About Adventure & Outdoor Sports

If you love to write about adventure sports and the great outdoors, you’re in luck. Here are six magazines that pay for sports and adventure writing.

Remember, lists mean nothing without action. Be sure to do further research: read the writer’s guidelines for each magazine, read a few articles or back issues, and then write a killer pitch that gets the editor’s attention. And don’t forget to follow up (if the writer’s guidelines allow).

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Note: Rates of Pay are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.

Outside Magazine

Outside is one of the most respected outdoors magazines, and getting a piece published here would give some serious social proof to any writer. And the best part? This exposure actually pays. And it pays well.

But like with every serious, high-paying magazine, getting in is not that easy, so sharpen your research skills and make sure you have a unique concept to pitch. Your pitch should revolve around outdoor adventures.

The reported average payment is .53 per word, but as with most print magazines, it does take a while to get paid. Most writers say this particular magazine takes even longer than most, so proceed with caution.


Backpacker is the magazine for all things hiking and foot-propelled travel. They pay .40 to $1 per word, depending on the scope of the article and writer experience. Be sure to read the writer’s guidelines in full and send your pitch (not a full manuscript) to the appropriate editor.

American Wild Magazine

American Wild Magazine publishes stories about the United States’ National Parks, protected lands, and National Forests. They pay .35 per word; however, they reserve the right to pay a lower fee for articles that don’t meet their editorial standards, so writer beware. Read the writer’s guidelines for full details.

Adventure Cyclist Magazine

Adventure Cyclist Magazine wants stories about road or dirt bike trips (written in first-person perspective), whether destination articles or stories about lessons you’ve learned on the road. Please note that they want North American destinations only. They pay from .25 to .50 per word, depending on writer experience. See submissions guidelines here.

Gray’s Sporting Journal

Gray’s Sporting Journal publishes articles about fly-fishing, angling, hunting, and “big adventures” related to these activities. They also accept “tall tales—fact or fiction.” They pay well, and base their payments on quality, not length of the piece.

For features, the payment ranges from $600-$1,250. For poems, they’ll pay $100. And they’ll pay $50 to $300 for photographs. For expedition pieces, which are travel-based hunting and shooting articles ranging from 2,500 to 3,000 words, you get $850-$1,000, plus $75 for each photo they decide to use.

You must send full manuscripts only; not idea pitches, and allow 10-12 weeks for a response. They pay on publication. Be sure to read their very detailed and very helpful writer’s guidelines before pitching.


As the name suggests, Climbing Magazine wants stories about the sport of climbing. They pay .35 per word, and want feature articles that run between 1,500-3,500 words, with pictures. They also run shorter department pieces. Review their writer’s guidelines before pitching (as always).


If you want to get paid to write about adventure and sport, try pitching one of the magazines mentioned on this post. 

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