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Get Paid to Write for Financial Publications

Writing for finance publications isn’t always easy, and there are far too many personal finance publications out there that want content but won’t pay for it. I think that’s a bit ironic. Finance publications that purport to teach you how to manage your money, yet expect you to work for free? Will they teach you how to spend, save, donate, and invest your exposure bucks?

Listen, I’m not completely against writing for free. There’s certainly a time and a place for it. However, places like Forbes and other large publications should be compensating their writers in far better terms than they do. They can afford it.

I’m going off on a tangent (again) but I feel this time it was warranted. Anyway, here are six financial publications that pay writers (without asking you to write for their publication constantly while paying you a measly amount).

Please note that all payments listed are in US Dollars unless otherwise indicated.

6 Finance publications that pay writers, MultiTalented Writers. background Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash shows a calculator and several pieces of paper, plus a pen.

1. Financial Post

Financial post covers personal finance, entrepreneurship, innovation, investing, executive news, and other verticals relating to money and economy. Reports indicate they pay $.33 per word. While writer’s guidelines are not provided, you can email an editor directly to pitch a story. Be sure to familiarize yourself really well with the website (as you always should) prior to pitching.

2. The Financial Times

The Financial Times accepts opinion pieces from guest writers, and reports indicate they pay .53 per word. The Financial Times covers several verticals, some of which might be unexpected in a finance publication (multi-niche writing for the win). Be sure to read several articles on the site to get a feeling for their voice prior to pitching. Get the writer’s guidelines here.

3. MoneyWise

MoneyWise is a digital magazine published by Wise Publishing, Inc. They cover credit cards, mortgages, insurance, investing, and managing money. While writer’s guidelines are not listed, reports indicate they pay an average of $.63 per word. If you’d like to pitch them, familiarize yourself really well with the website first. Once you have an idea that you think will fit with their voice and that will speak to their audience, you can look for an editors’ email address to pitch directly.

4. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a print and online magazine dedicated to helping readers find ways to save money and time. They pay $.10 per word, but only for articles published in the print magazine. So be sure to specify which version you’re pitching. Query first. Find all the writer’s guidelines here.

5. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal publishes articles about finance under the headings of real state, opinion, and economy. Reports indicate they pay an average of $.63 per word. Be sure to check out the writer’s guidelines prior to pitching.

6. Wallet Gains

October 2020 Update: Wallet Gains domain is currently for sale; therefore this company may no longer be in business.

Wallet Gains is a personal finance website that focuses on debt repayment and savings. They pay $50-$150 per post. Always pitch first. You can find the writer’s guidelines here.

So which one will you pitch?

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