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Featured Writer: Kathy Ann Trueman, MultiTalented Writers. Photo of woman's hands typing on laptop, Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kathy Ann Trueman, a multi-niche novelist and blogger. I love her explanation of how her fantasy writing has helped her romance writing and vice-versa. Check out the full interview below!


Kathy Trueman, writer


1. What is your name and where are you located?

Kathy Ann Trueman, located in rural Texas, USA

2. Tell us about your blogs!

Fantasy blog:

Name: Kathy Ann Trueman – fantasy writer

Subjects: Writing in general, fantasy writing in particular, and updates on my books

Link: https://www.kathytrueman.com/

Regency romance blog

Name: Catherine Dove, Regency romance author

Subjects: Writing in general, Regency England history and customs, and updates on my books

Link: https://www.catherinedove.com/

3. Why do you choose to write in multiple niches?

I read voraciously, and I read a lot of different genres. Through the years I’ve attempted to write in most of those genres, but I was only good at two of them, fantasy and Regency romance. (Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.) I love both of them, so I write in both.

4. Do you blog and write as a hobby, as a part-time job, or do you do it for full-time income?

I suppose you would have to classify it as a hobby, for my royalties have been too low to buy coffee for myself! But I do have five books published, a fantasy short story collection, a fantasy novel, and three Regency romances. I still can’t call it a job. It’s just what I like to do most.

5. Do you blog on your own platform, for companies, for publications, or for a mixture of these?

My personal platform. I’m not a pro.

6. Where have you been published? Feel free to link to your author page and/or your favourite published article.

My publisher is Writer’s Exchange. My author page is here.

7. Why do you believe multi-niche writing is beneficial?

For one thing, it multiplies the pleasure of writing. You don’t get bored or in a rut. It’s also a good way to stretch your writing experience. For example, writing romances has taught me how to fit romantic subplots into my fantasies, whereas fantasy allows me to try new techniques that I wouldn’t be able to use in the more rigid framework of romance.

For another thing, you reach more readers, and some of those readers might follow you into your other genre(s). Stephen King/Richard Bachman and Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb are good examples.

Also, I love niche books, so the more the merrier.

8. Is there anything you would like to add?

If a reader wants dystopia, post-apocalypse, lots of violence, gore, torture, rape, explicit sex, or such things in their story, they don’t want my books. I’m not a Hallmark writer, not even with my romances, but I don’t go very dark, and I loathe nihilism in all its forms.

If you pick up one of my romances, it will be “sweet” – maybe a kiss, but no sex. Think Jane Austen. If you read my fantasy tales, there is adventure and some violence, of course, but (spoiler!) I don’t kill off main characters and my endings are usually happy and satisfying. My focus is on creating well-developed characters in an interesting world, and so far, I’ve been told that I do it well.

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