Do you really need to outline your writing?

Should you outline your writing? Image description: Left hand writing on a notebook and right hand resting on a laptop keyboard. image by free-photos on pixabay

Do you outline your writing? Let me be honest right off the bat: I don’t outline my writing. Having said that, I’m not a fiction writer and I don’t often write long pieces; I’m often writing blog posts or articles that are made up of 1,500 words or fewer. The few times when I’ve written … Read more

Great websites for grammar nerds

magnifying glass showing the word grammar.

Training to join the Grammar Police Academy? Just need some help with random grammar questions? Find the English language fascinating and want funny and/or interesting tidbits about it? Here are three great websites for grammar nerds. Grammar Nerd Websites to Rock Your World Grammar Girl I love this girl’s “quick and dirty tips” to write … Read more

How to write greeting cards for pay

Get paid to write greeting cards: picture of a heart drawn in red crayon, with a box of crayons in the background,

How to earn money writing greeting cards If you love getting cards in the mail and you’re a writer, chances are you’ve thought about writing greeting cards. Yes, there are some greeting card companies that accept submissions from freelance writers (but forget Hallmark).     Can you condense the immensity of love into a few … Read more

Get Paid for Writing in 2019

Organized desk; Evernote

Is it finally time to get paid for writing? If you’re committed to getting paid for writing in 2019, it’s time to commit to pitching publications. You can also pitch companies, but it’s always a good idea to get some bylines in publications to get a bit of social proof. Why social proof is important … Read more

Freelance Writing Terms You Should Know

Freelance Writing Terms You Should KNow

When you’re starting out in freelance writing, you can get easily confused by all the terms that are thrown around in online writing groups and elsewhere on the Internet. Sometimes, it can be a little intimidating to ask for clarification. Fear not; this post will tell you what those terms are.

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Want to Be a Multi-Niche Writer? Master This One Skill.

desk with title "The One Skill You Need to Master as a MultiTalented Writer Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash

Here’s why you don’t need to niche to be successful as a writer: if you can conduct proper research, you can write about anything with authority.

Master this one skill and you’ll be able to write in any niche your heart desires. In today’s guest post by Peace Adeoye, learn why mastering research skills should be your number one priority.¬†

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How to Improve Your Writing When You’re MultiTalented

Title Photo for How to improve your Writing when you write in multiple niches. Text against photo of hand writing on paper.

When writers Google “How to Improve Your Writing,” they get answers about improving grammar, spelling, and punctuation, which is all very important, of course.

But for MultiTalented Writers, improving our writing takes a different form. Olutobi¬†Konigbagbe discusses how to improve your writing when you’re MultiTalented¬† in today’s guest post.

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