Productivity is overrated: wasting time is perfectly OK.

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Productivity. It’s the buzzword on every entrepreneur’s lips nowadays, and has been for a number of years now. I’m guilty of using it too. I even have a category on this blog dedicated to productivity and a Pinterest board where I collect information about it. And I try to be as prolific as possible on … Read more

How to Set Writing Goals You’ll Actually Accomplish

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We all have dreams.

Some dreams are bigger than others. Sometimes my dream is to just have a few minutes to myself (I love my kids to bits, but right now, I’m quite enjoying my time alone to write this post). At other times, I have bigger dreams, like taking off with my family for a year to explore Canada and the U.S. (while funding it with my writing).

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How This Freelance Writing, Homeschooling Mom Stays Organized

How to Stay Organized When You Wear All the Hats: apps for freelance writers

I’m a freelance writing, homeschooling mom of 3 kids ages 8 and under (as of March 2018). A lot of people think I’m totally nuts trying to balance a near-full time job with homeschooling three kids. Yet others think I’m some kind of superwoman or supermom. But I’m not any of those things (OK, maybe I’m a little nuts).

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How to Stay Productive When Working from Home

Working from home is awesome. For one, I don’t have to leave the house on the coldest day of the year. It’s been a solid couple of weeks in the negative twenties Celsius around here. Brrr. Secondly, as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of three children 8 and under, it’s very convenient to be able to choose when and how I want to work.

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Writers (and other entrepreneurs): stop doing everything yourselves

Feeling overwhelmed? Stop Doing Everything Yourself!

Entrepreneurship is a funny thing.

Most of us creative entrepreneurs start businesses because we enjoy having full control over our projects, and get a thrill from seeing something from its very beginning as an idea, through its development, to the final stages and then, the exciting final product. Unfortunately, this also means we’re not always the best masters of our time.

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FREE Apps to help you stay organized

Free apps to help writers stay organized

Here are some great apps to help you get organized!

One of the problems for people with multiple interests is staying organized. We have so many projects on the go at once, that sometimes we get a little muddled. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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