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Love blogging about blogging? Here’s a mind map for ideas on what to write.

For the last several months, I’ve been sharing mind maps every Monday. I create mind maps for niche diversification as well as content creation. The niche diversification mind maps give you ideas on how to expand a niche so you can pitch more publications and potentially increase your sources of income as a freelance writer. The content creation mind maps help bloggers to come up with blog post ideas on their given topic(s).

Today I share a mind map for those who enjoy blogging about blogging.


Blogging mind map by Mariana Abeid-McDougall on MultiTalented Writes

Boogging about blogging: generating traffic

You could write posts about how to generate traffic to your blog. This would work well as a series: Day 1 could be about guest blogging, day 2 could be about search engine optimization, day 3 could be about social media sharing, day 4 could be about participating in podcasts, and day 5 could be about how to grow your email list. This last day could also be split into a mini series, with one post being about how to create a great freebie, and other posts being about how to attract people to the freebies in the first place. All of these topics of course tie into one another, creating great opportunities for internal backlinking.

Blogging about blogging: content generation and organization

Content generation is super important for blogs, so you could have a mini series concentrating on this topic. One post could be about how to come up with ideas for blog posts, or you could offer a weekly “blog post ideas” post. You could also write something about how to organize and schedule content. 

Speaking of organizing, if people have multiple blogs or a multi-niche blog, you could offer advice on how to organize their content so there’s always a steady stream of content for all topics. You could also write about how to organize content in a single blog by using categories and tags, a topic which many people have a hard time understanding.



Many bloggers aren’t aware of the legal requirements for blogs. You could write about the need for privacy policies and affiliate disclosures, and do a long-form post on the latter, as it seems many blogs on the Internet aren’t complying with DGPR. You could also write about the use of photographs and the requirements for licensing when using Internet photos. You could also write a blog post about where to find royalty-free photos.

One topic many bloggers are interested in is how they can turn their blogs into a money-maker. There are many options for this, and you could write a mini-series teaching people how to do it. The first post could be about affiliate marketing, the second one about creating digital products, and the third one about setting up subscription sites. That third post could also be divided into mini-posts explaining each part of the process. Another alternative is to do it as an email mini-series for subscribers. This email mini-series could then lead to a paid product of your own.

You could write a blog post about how to start a blog, concentrating on the technical aspects of it. You could have a single post for each large blogging platform, such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, and others. If you become an affiliate for website hosting, these types of posts could bring money to your own blog also.

The possibilities are many when blogging about blogging. 

If you love mind maps and want to learn more about how to use them for freelance writing, be sure to check out my book, Mind Maps for Freelance Writing Success, on SmashWords.



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