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Featured writer: Ame Vanorio. Photo of a desktop with a flat screen computer screen on the right, and a house plant on the left.


This week’s featured writer has one of the most unique offices I’ve ever seen. She uses her writing skills to advertise her nonprofit work with wildlife rehabilitation, and she writes for publications and private clients to bring in income. Her reptile friends keep her company as she writes, and she keeps things interesting by writing in multiple niches—another MultiTalented Writer among us.


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1. What is your name and where are you located?

I’m Ame Vanorio and I live off-grid on a farm in Falmouth, KY

2. Please tell us about your blog!

My personal blog is Fox Run Environmental Education Center and the main topics are wildlife, organic gardening and alternative energy. Although I am currently conducting a reader survey so we may be expanding soon! I have had requests for self-sufficiency and foraging articles. I also write for several blogs in the niches of gardening, special education, pets and tiny houses.

3. Why do you choose to write in multiple niches?

I have always been a very eclectic person with a variety of personal interests. I have several degrees and experience in different areas. And whatever I am interested in, I naturally want to share. I am also a person who is in constant motion. So writing on different topics keeps me motivated and excited about writing.

4. Do you blog and write as a hobby, as a part-time job, or do you do it for full-time income?

I am currently writing as a part-time job—slowly working towards full-time. I write for myself and professionally for blogs online. I started writing as a hobby before the internet, when I typed out my articles and mailed them in 😊

My blog for my environmental center is an unpaid job but works to develop our brand and educate people. What I have learned as a professional blogger (SEO, etc) has really helped me to be a better business owner. We are a non-profit so I think the blog has really helped grow the business.

I started out in content mills which was a lot of work for little money. However, it was a great learning experience and helped me to develop skills. Since then I have been working for smaller websites and using more marketing tactics such as sending LOI’s and cold emails.

5. Do you blog on your own platform, for companies, for publications, or for a mixture of these?

All of the above! I work hard at my own Fox Run blog but am an opportunist when it comes to professional writing. I don’t discriminate! I do both author credit and ghostwriting jobs. I have also done some academic work for former college professors.

I try to spend time each week working on marketing. I use blogging job boards, send emails to companies in my niche areas and send query letters into publications. I will sometimes apply to things outside my comfort zone just to see what happens. Who knows; it may be a new niche down the road.

6. Where can we read your writing?

I have a writing website but I’m not very happy with it! So I have been using my Clear Voice portfolio.

According to Google analytics, my most popular article is Turtles are Terrific.

7. Why do you believe multi-niche writing is beneficial?

Living in a box limits our potential. Learn, explore new things and write about them! I also think if you are a new writer and “hungry” then multi-niche is the best way to go. Why put all your eggs in one basket? says the country girl!

8. Is there anything you would like to add?

Happy travels—love the idea of exploring the world via RV! If I could only figure out where to put the raccoons!!

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